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NetworkXCypherBuilder Objects

class NetworkXCypherBuilder()


def yield_queries(graph: nx.Graph) -> Iterator[str]

Generates Cypher queries for creating a graph.


def yield_query_groups(graph: nx.Graph) -> List[Iterator[str]]

Generates Cypher queries for creating a graph by query groups.

NxTranslator Objects

class NxTranslator(Translator)

Uses original ids from Memgraph. Labels are encoded as properties. Since NetworkX allows that nodes have properties of different dimensionality, this modules makes use of it and stores properties as dictionary entries. All properties are saved to NetworkX data structure.


def to_cypher_queries(graph: nx.Graph,
                      config: NetworkXCypherConfig = None) -> Iterator[str]

Generates a Cypher query for creating a graph.


def nx_graph_to_memgraph_parallel(graph: nx.Graph,
                                  config: NetworkXCypherConfig = None) -> None

Generates Cypher queries and inserts data into Memgraph in parallel.


def get_instance()

Creates NetworkX instance of the graph from the data residing inside Memgraph. Since NetworkX doesn't support labels in a way Memgraph does, labels are encoded as a node and edge properties.