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def to_cypher_value(value: Any, config: NetworkXCypherConfig = None) -> str

Converts value to a valid Cypher type.


def to_cypher_properties(properties: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None,
                         config=None) -> str

Converts properties to a Cypher key-value properties.


def to_cypher_labels(labels: Union[str, List[str], None]) -> str

Converts labels to a Cypher label definition.


def to_cypher_qm_arguments(
        arguments: Optional[Union[str, Tuple[Union[str, int, float]]]]) -> str

Converts query module arguments to a valid Cypher string of query module arguments.

CypherObject Objects

class CypherObject(ABC)

Abstract method representing an object in cypher syntax, such as nodes and relationships.

CypherNode Objects

class CypherNode(CypherObject)

Represents a node in Cypher syntax.

RelationshipDirection Objects

class RelationshipDirection(Enum)

Defines the direction of CypherRelationship object.

CypherRelationship Objects

class CypherRelationship(CypherObject)

Represents a relationship in Cypher syntax. Multiple types can not be set on a relationship, only queried.

CypherVariable Objects

class CypherVariable()

Class for support of using a variable as value in Cypher. Used to avoid the quotes given to property values and query module arguments.